Cigar Aficioando Ratings

Chisel Gorda
Air Bender
Cameroon Cabinet
Air Bender
Oro Chisel
Cameroon Cabinet
The Chisel Maduro
Ligero L400
Tubo No. 100
2000 Series No.1
Chisel Maduro
Air Bender Matatan
Air Bender Valiente
Cameroon Cabinet No. 1
Ligero Especiale
Ligero Torpedo
Double Ligero DL-700
Tubo No. 200
Ligero L300
Grand Maduro No. 6
2000 Series Paso Fino
2000 Series A
El Jocko Perfectos No. 1
Chapter One
Ligero Mysterio
Cameroon Cabinet No.1
Factory Press IV
Double Ligero DL-452
Air Bender Villano
Limitado IV
Double Ligero Chiselito
Ligero Oscuro Natural Cabinet L-250
Ligero Oscuro Natural Cabinet L-300
Double Ligero DL-700
Double Ligero Oscuro Natural Especiale
Oscuro Natural Ligero L500
Ligero Oscuro Natural L400
El Jocko Perfecto No. 1
Tubo No.100
Tubo No.200
Grand Maduro No. 5
Grand Maduro No. 6
2000 Series No. 7
2000 Series No. 5

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